Everything You Need to Know About Upgrading to Windows 10… And the Risks of Upgrading When Applications Aren’t Compatible.

July 29th is the official release date of Windows 10, and that means more ease of use for those who choose to upgrade. Essentially, upgrading is a great idea – your employees will become more productive, and ultimately, save your company money in the long run.

Windows 10 comes with a lot of new features that are exciting for those who choose to upgrade, including:

  • The start menu: The beloved start menu will be returning – offering a button on the bottom left of the screen that shows your pinned and most-used apps.
  • Multiple desktops: A new multiple desktops feature lets you run another set of windows – all without the physical monitor – meaning you can set up a virtual desktop.
  • Cortana on desktop: A voice controlled digital assistant makes it easier than ever to interact with your device – letting you search specific files, open images, and more.
  • Universal apps: Universal apps gives you the ability to leverage apps, such as Photos, Music, Maps, and more, the same way on tablets, phones, and PCs.
  • And much more

As you can tell, there’s some fantastic features you’re able to look forward to, however, there’s one concern: upgrading before talking to your trusted technology partner leaves you vulnerable to a myriad of issues. Why? Because you MUST make sure applications are compatible with the operating system.

If you upgrade and your vital business applications aren’t compatible, you’re unable to access the important programs you need to get work done. We very strongly recommend NOT upgrading before checking application compatibility. Although Windows 10 will be fantastic, please make sure you’ve contacted us beforehand.

Don’t wait until after you’ve upgraded to check for application compatibility – you can’t afford to be left with all the issues that come along with non-compatibility. Call us first at (603) 668-7733 or send us an email info@itsecureservices.com.

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