When the financial planning practice of Raymond Noel decided it was time to proactively approach their IT security needs, they chose IT Secure’s team to assist them. IT Secure delivered key results, providing the firm with the essential tools they required to suitably safeguard their systems and data.

Raymond R. Noel is an independent Private Wealth Advisor and one of his priorities in servicing his clients has always been the protection of their personal information. Linda Morey, Managing Director for the firm, explains, “One security breach has the potential to have a devastating effect on the firm and an unrecoverable loss of credibility and trust that has taken us years to build with our clients. Our systems need to be available to us with minimal to no downtime to allow us to properly service our clients.”

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Prior to hiring IT Secure, Ray’s firm was more reactive to IT issues. Morey states, “Although we know that the programs storing our client data are secure, we wanted another layer of protection to further limit security threats and system failure.” Ray was also looking for a company that had demonstrated consistent adherence to best practices.

Several IT firms providing proactive protection were interviewed by Ray’s firm. They ultimately decided on IT Secure because of their passion and commitment to understanding changing security threats and their focus on providing relevant security solutions proactively.  IT Secure’s thoroughness in completing an on-site assessment during the quoting process gave them an edge over other IT companies.

The Situation: A need for comprehensive and preventive security solutions

Once Ray’s firm was on board, IT Secure used the on-site assessment to identify efficiencies in protecting their data. IT Secure used a 3-2-1 backup, 2nd generation anti-virus, anti-malware software, a scanning firewall, and off-site scanning of all data traffic in their solution. In addition, IT Secure encrypted all their systems creating a more secure environment. The results ensured that Ray and his staff could focus their efforts on their clients and worry less about their IT security.

The Solution: Partnering with IT Secure to proactively identify and resolve potential IT threats

IT Secure stays updated on new technologies and potential issues, continuing to provide the firm with the right information and tools needed to keep them protected. Morey notes, “IT Secure makes us feel like we are their only client when we contact them with a general question or to troubleshoot a problem. They are very responsive to our needs”. IT Secure also provides:

  • Dependable system monitoring – IT Secure monitors all systems and data 24/7 to instantly identify potential threats and vulnerabilities, acting on them with appropriate measures.
  • IT security & business continuity – IT Secure provides ongoing assessments and support to keep IT systems and data protected & recoverable.
  • Beneficial help desk services – IT Secure constantly strives for faster responses and resolutions. They can start work on most problems using their remote tools, guaranteeing them immediate attention.

Based on their experience with IT Secure, Ray’s firm is very comfortable recommending their services to others because of IT Secure’s service team, timely responsiveness and commitment to understanding the ever changing security landscape. Morey reveals, “We are confident that we have the best technology available for our specific needs.” 

IT Secure diminishes the risks associated with handling financial data. IT Secure’s primary goal is to help businesses feel confident knowing their data is safeguarded and recoverable and their IT systems are reliable and secure. To learn more, give us a call at (603) 668-7733 or send us an email at info@itsecureservices.com.

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