Isn’t It Time You Got A Little Cash Back For Yourself?

Are you growing weary of paying the big telephone and cable companies thousands and thousands of dollars for your business phone systems? 

Do you want to learn the hidden secrets to how many New England accounting firms are saving tens of thousands of dollars each year on their business telephone services without jeopardizing quality or reliability?

We have the answers for you.

My name is Joerg Laves, and I am the Founder and President of IT Secure Services. Like you, I was skeptical at first about these claims of saving my business money on my telephone services. We have all heard the horror stories about services that sound too good to be true.

Since I am very technically minded, I checked it out and I was sold. Just like Victor Kiam, who purchased Remington Shavers after trying the product, I decided to partner with UVoice and provide this high quality and affordable business telephone services to our clients.

Our clients are saving thousands annually on their business communications – and you can too.

We are not cutting any corners either. You get a full-featured business VoIP solution for a fraction of the price compared to the big players.


Give me a call to arrange a no obligation, hassle-free discussion on how the UVoice solution can save your firm money every month. We use the product ourselves and we love it.  Now, we want to share this great news with you.

Download our complimentary report on “How VoIP Telephone Systems Can Help Your Business, ” and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Visit http://www.itsecureservices.con/bigsavings or pick up your overly priced phone and call me directly at (603) 668-7733 to learn more about this amazing phone service for your CPA firm.

Thank you.

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