It’s come around to that time of year again: the audit. It used to be the worst time for your dental office – having to scramble to show that you were making meaningful use of your technology, proving that you were compliant with regulations like HIPAA and HITECH, hoping that everything was secure and you wouldn’t face any fines. This year, it’s all going to change. Instead of worrying about paying fines, you’re expecting to get that money in the bank from Meaningful Use. You know your patients’ information is safe, and your systems are running at their best. The auditors can look all they want – you’ve got this in the bag.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? And it can be the future of your dental office. As the dental profession continues to advance, many dental offices are starting to leverage innovative technologies to better serve their patients. And while dental offices tend to focus on providing the highest quality of patient care, it’s also important to achieve meaningful use and HIPAA compliance.

Fortunately, IT Secure is here to help you out!

Our team members are experts on balancing useful IT services and support for dental offices with the right kind of security to ensure your compliance to important regulations and legislation. We don’t just want to see you compliant – we want to show you that compliant technology will improve your productivity and efficiency while staying within your budget. Ready for the future? Give us a call at (603) 668-7733 or send us an email at

Technology has the ability to drastically impact your dental office in a wide variety of ways – from improving productivity to enhancing efficiency to increasing accuracy; your dental office can leverage innovative technologies to better serve your patients.

The dental profession is rapidly evolving, and most dental offices are leveraging innovative technologies to better serve their patients. As a result, your dental office must leverage innovative technologies to keep up with the competition. But as HIPAA and meaningful use requirements are continuously changing, it can become difficult for you to stay ahead of the curve while ensuring the highest quality of care for your patients.

As a dental office, you’re required to comply with HIPAA requirements, and you’re also eligible to obtain incentive payments for the adoption and use of certified EHR systems; however, you’re required to prove that you’re “meaningfully using” your certified EHR technology by meeting certain requirements.

Fortunately, our team of IT experts can help you:

  • Meet and demonstrate meaningful use of certified EHR technology.
  • Ensure the security of your patients’ protected health information.
  • Implement safeguards to protect against unauthorized access to data.

Plus, we offer a wide range of IT services and support to help you ensure the reliability and security of your IT infrastructure, including:

  • 24/7 monitoring and maintenance to detect and resolve IT issues before disruption or downtime occurs.
  • Comprehensive network security including managed anti-virus software and firewalls to combat emerging security threats.
  • Onsite and remote IT support to address all of your IT-related questions, concerns, and issues.
  • Data backup and disaster recovery to keep your dental office operating at it’s fullest potential while ensuring data is recoverable.
  • Support for dental practice management software, including EagleSoft, in order to help you make the most of your software.

But what we want to know is what YOU want in IT services for dental offices in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. We’ve told you what our values are; what are yours? Contact the IT Secure team at (603) 668-7733 or today to book a complimentary no-obligation assessment of your business’ IT systems. Trust us: with our team, you’ll never have been more secure.

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