IT SECURE SERVICES is pleased to announce our partnership with The Compliancy Group.

 Why have we partnered with them?  Because:

  • Their large-scale Auditors and Compliance Experts are considered the Subject Matter Experts in the U.S. when it comes to HIPAA/HITECH
  • Not one of their clients has ever failed an OCR or CMS
  • They are the Recognized Leader of Compliance using top compliance tools.

Compliance for our clients is critically important to us.

Here’s what you need to know regarding HIPAA/HITECH Compliance, and what the law requires:

First and foremost—

It’s a Federal Law.  If you don’t satisfy it you will be fined. (Recorded fines in 2016 equaled $24 million!) Compliance is very confusing.  Security & Compliance are one of the big misunderstandings in the market today, and it’s critical that both be done correctly:

  • Security is mitigating the risk of your Protected Health Information (PHI) or other data being stolen or corrupted. This means you need a good cyber security plan to prevent breaches and unauthorized access on your network.
  • Compliance requires a technology expert to build, implement, maintain and audit a strong Compliance Program for your network so you meet, and can prove, HIPAA/HITECH Compliance.

The Following 3 Rules Must Be Met To Be Compliant:

  • Privacy Rule: Sets standards for when PHI may be used and disclosed
  • Security Rule: Requires safeguards to ensure only those who should have access to electronic PHI (ePHI) will have access. This includes:
    1. A Security/Technical Audit with a Meaningful Use Risk Assessment
    2. A Physical Audit
  • An Administrative/Privacy Audit
  • Breach Notification Rule: Breaches of unsecured PHI require notifying HHS (Health and Human Services), affected individuals, and in some cases the media.


You must meet Meaningful Use Regulations (the adoption of Electronic Health Records (EHR)) along with the Omnibus Rule where your business associates must be Compliant, and where you have a written Business Associate Agreement (BAA) in place that includes conducting due diligence. (This is where the majority of fines occur.)


Even with all this you’re still not Compliant!  (As we said, Compliance is very confusing.)

You Must Also Adhere To These 7 Fundamental Elements of an Effective Compliance Program:

  • Implement written policies, procedures and standards of conduct,
  • Designate a compliance officer and compliance committee,
  • Conduct effective training and education,
  • Develop effective lines of communication,
  • Conduct internal monitoring and auditing,
  • Enforce standards through well-publicized disciplinary guidelines, and
  • Respond promptly to detect offenses and undertake corrective action.

Additionally, all of this must be done every year and in accordance with the most up-to-date rules.

But, No Worries—

IT SECURE SERVICES Has A Program That Makes “Compliance Simplified.”

The Guard

The Guard is a web-based solution that you, your employees and your authorized vendors can use to achieve, illustrate and maintain full HIPAA/HITECH Compliance. It’s like Quickbooks, but for compliance.

With The Guard, we’ll hold your hand through the entire process.  We won’t let you go until you:

  • ACHIEVE full HIPAA Compliance. We can do this in only 5 – 8, 30-minute sessions with all your employees.
  • ILLUSTRATE Compliance with written reports and a Seal of Compliance.
  • MAINTAIN Compliance. This provides the confidence you need to know that you are always compliant, and it protects your reputation.

You’ll have everything in place you require:

  • Security Risk Assessments & Administrative Policies
  • Remediation Plans
  • Policies, Procedures and Training
  • Document Version, Employee Attestation & Tracking
  • Business Associate Management 

With The Guard, you will have your own designated Compliance Coach, and the peace of mind you need knowing that you’re fully compliant.  Plus, if you ever need additional help, you can always call our Compliance Hotline, 24/7: 855-85-HIPAA.

Don’t let your guard down and get hit with hefty fines.  Ensure your organization is fully compliant.  For more information about The Guard, contact IT SECURE SERVICES at: (603) 668-7733

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