Cohen Closing & Title, LLC provides real estate settlement services to clients throughout New Hampshire and Massachusetts. They rely on a consistent and secure technology infrastructure to ensure a smooth closing process for each of their clients.

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Because Cohen Closing handles large monetary transactions every day, their network is a preferred target for hackers and scammers looking to steal private financial information. In order to protect client and company information, security is essential, and vigilance is paramount. 

“In our line of business, efficiency and confidentiality are top priorities,” says Stacey Breton, Brand Manager of Cohen Closing. “We require a secure IT system to process files in a timely manner without breaching confidentiality.”

“We deal with fraudulent and spam emails on a continual basis. It’s very important that we have an IT Partner who understands our network and provides continual protection of our high-security data.”

The Situation: When a High-Security Threat Occurred, IT Secure Jumped into Action

When someone tried to register a domain address that was one letter different from Cohen Closing’s address, their team knew something was up. As they’ve now learned, they were right to be concerned. Domain spoofing is a common tactic used by scammers in the hopes that someone will mistakenly use the illicit address and financial paperwork will go to them instead of the legitimate company.

“A company in Florida attempted to mimic our domain,” says Breton. “They tried to register the domain: This is very close to our actual domain. When the spoof attempt occurred, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) flagged it and alerted us.” 

Once IT Secure was aware of the problem, their team immediately blocked traffic from the illicit email account, preventing any negative security repercussions. They didn’t stop there, either. The IT Secure team immediately took action to hang the bad guys out to dry.

“We called IT Secure right away, and they immediately had that domain blacklisted,” adds Breton. “They thwarted the attack due to their diligence and quick reaction. Their support team completely resolved the issue, and even sought out legal action with the fraudulent domain on our behalf.”

The responsive and efficient problem solving that IT Secure provided allowed the Cohen Closing team to rest assured knowing that their clients wouldn’t become targets for a scam.

“Thank goodness IT Secure provides emergency response to all of our IT needs,” continues Breton. “If our clients believe fraudulent emails are coming from us, they could send confidential information to them, or even wire funds to the scammers. The IT Secure team shut down that possibility right away.”

The Solution: An Ongoing IT Partnership That Drives Continual Security & Efficiency

Cohen Closing has been an IT Secure client for over 2 years now. In addition to being their frontline cybersecurity defense, IT Secure has helped Cohen Closing take hold of IT in a way that drives productivity. IT Secure helped Cohen Closing move their entire IT infrastructure to a new office location and set them up with every resource they need to keep business moving.

IT Secure provides the Cohen Closing team with all of their IT necessities including:

  • Managed-security firewall services
  • Consistent system monitoring and maintenance
  • A state-of-the-art VoIP phone system
  • Secure hosted Exchange email
  • Additional IT consultation and support as needed

Finally, IT Secure has set the entire Cohen Closing team up for cybersecurity awareness training. This way, when security issues come up, employees know what to look for and can contact IT Secure immediately. This is just another way of strengthening lines of defense to ensure security is air tight.

“Thanks to IT Secure, we have the peace of mind that our network and confidential data will remain secure,” says Breton. “We highly recommend IT Secure. They provide expert service and support, and they always respond quickly. They truly ‘go above and beyond’ every time!”

Do you need peace of mind when it comes to your company’s IT security?  Contact IT Secure at (603) 668-7733 or via email at No matter the issue, their team of IT experts can put your data security concerns to rest.

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