As a competitive business in the 21st Century, you should have all the advantages of business phone systems you can possibly get. IT Secure Services is here to make sure you get all the advantageous features possible (and great service, too) out of your VoIP phone systems in Manchester!

What is your VoIP pricing like?

Our business phone customers in New Hampshire enjoy the fact that we can undercut the standard price for VoIP services by about 50 to 70 percent depending on the business telephones package they buy.

Phone systems for small business outfits can be surprisingly cheap, especially with the advantages SIP trunking and VoIP phone systems give you.  An IP phone or PBX system far undercuts the price most are willing to pay for analog office phone systems, because they “piggy-back” on your IP address and ISP connection instead of using traditional phone infrastructure.

What are some of the outstanding features of using VoIP phones for business?

There are many reasons to use VoIP business phone systems, or cloud phone systems, including the savings and scalable nature of VoIP.

Manchester NH companies of all types also love the security associated with using VoIP phone systems and hosted PBX business phone networks. BYOD-oriented offices also greatly benefit from VoIP systems.

Further key advantages involved in switching from landline to VoIP business phone services include:

  • Universality and Convenience — Your VoIP phone network is accessible from anywhere you have an Internet connection.
  • Cost-effectiveness — We provide your VoIP phone network for a flat-rate monthly fee.
  • Adaptability – Our VoIP solutions (including for BYOD environments) are totally scalable to your business needs.
  • Choice – Choose from on-premises, hybrid, or hosted cloud VoIP service, and don’t confine your network to an office-based system.
  • Reliability – 24/7 monitoring makes sure you always get a line through.
  • User-friendliness – We ensure all your voice interfaces are predictably user-friendly!

What are some of the Advanced Features of using VoIP phones?

For starters, they let you access business-class features normally unavailable on traditional (a.k.a. analog, or legacy) phone networks for businesses, such as:

  • PBX (Private branch exchange) capabilities
  • Conference calling
  • Automated phone attendants
  • Desk-to-desk calling
  • Music-on-hold, and more!

Can you handle all the VoIP hosting and monitoring from your end?

IT Secure Services provides all the PBX hosting and unified communications facilities for you to easily connect an entire office by unlimited voice and media streaming for a relatively cheap price.

We also provide both remote and onsite monitoring and regular technology check-ups to make sure your entire IT infrastructure is always running at top performance levels.

Where do we sign up for your VoIP services?

Connect better with our secure VoIP services now, by contacting the IT Secure team at (603) 668-7733 or today.

Don’t get left behind by your competitors! We’ll help you with a complimentary, no-obligation assessment of your current business’ phone systems and IT network, and get you on your way to enjoying the VoIP phone systems in Manchester NH you expect and deserve (click the previous link to download our e-book on the subject as well)!

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