With Our Team, Your Business Has Never Been More Secure

Perhaps you’re expecting to see a few paragraphs here full of dates and numbers about our background, like you’ve seen on so many other websites. Most “About Us” pages really don’t make for interesting reading, do they? Just a little bit of background so you can know how long a company has been in business, who founded them, what their skills sets are… the usual assortment of boring facts you’re not looking for.

IT Secure isn’t about that. We’re not here to bore you. We’re here to take away all the boring parts of information technology, leaving you with nothing but productive, efficient, cost-effective, and (dare we say it?) fun tools that you can use to focus on pursuing your business’ goals. So let’s focus on that, okay?

How Did We Get Here?

Alright, a little bit of history, then. We’ll keep it short. IT Secure has been providing IT solutions and services since 2007, but everyone here has been at the game a wee bit longer (saying it’s over 25 years makes us sound old). Our founders come from a wide breadth of backgrounds and experience, which is one of our big strengths: we’ve seen the world, and we know how to bring the world to your fingertips.

Where Are We Going?

Good, enough about the past. Let’s talk about the future.

When we call ourselves an IT management team, we don’t mean that we just come in and poke around at your computers and call it a day. Management is an insufficient term for what we’re about. We are focused not on your technology, but on your business first. We want to see your entire business secured so you can stay focused on your future.

How Do We Get There?

Your IT should be part of what makes your business secured and successful, but in order for it to be that way, you need support from someone who looks at IT and figures out how to make it work in the way you need it to.

Everyone on the IT Secure team is a certified engineer when it comes to technology, but that’s not what makes us good at what we do. We are business consultants first, and that’s the core of our approach:

  1. Help our clients focus on the reason they’re in business by learning who they are, what their goals are, and what they want their IT to do for them.
  2. Take the headaches of maintaining information technology off of our clients’ shoulders and show them that the right IT solutions can be productive, efficient, cost-effective, and even fun.
  3. Focus on the future of our clients’ business and help them secure what they need in order to go after their long-term goals.

And while we have fun, we take client service very seriously. As we said: we’re not here just to fix a broken computer and walk away. We are not taking care of IT gear, but of our clients and their businesses. We want to work with you as a partner, a natural extension of your team that puts your security and well-being as our first concern. When you grow and prosper, we do too. If you’re able to focus on the core of what your business is about, we know we’re doing our jobs right.

Don’t just take our word on why we’re good at what we do. Find out for yourself! Contact the IT Secure team at (603) 668-7733 or info@itsecureservices.com today to book a complimentary no-obligation assessment of your business’ IT security. Trust us, with our team, you’ll never have been more secure.

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